Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some News

Hey, I’m back from Washington State and family fun. I only gained 8 lbs, so I’m back to where I started! Yeah! Anyway, I have some news involving the sitcom and since I already posted it over at the LFTI blog and my blogging fingers are tired (both of them)…

A repost from the LFTI Blog (written by me):

Hello Lifties, Robb here to tell you that it’s been an exciting Thanksgiving season. Is there a Thanksgiving season? I hope so since I said there was earlier (see above) and I hate to look like an idiot (not that it doesn’t happen all the time, but I don’t have to like it!) If not, it doesn’t matter since it’s over now.

All that aside, we’ve been featured on YouTube! That’s right the YouTube! “But, Robb” you say, “I’ve been to YouTube thousands of times over the Thanksgiving holiday break in order to get away from my family and especially creepy uncle Ted who keeps insisting that the 60s sexual revolution never really died – almost too adamantly – and I haven’t seen LFTI featured on the front page at all.”

Well, first I’d reply “why do you use such long rambling sentences when you speak?” and then I’d tell you that you’re right. We haven’t been featured on the front page…yet. The front page of YouTube is still pretty much reserved for Weblebrities, sleepy pets and Canadian music videos. But we have been featured on the “Entertainment” page. It’s in the “Catagories” section. It’s behind a yellow dumpster at the back of an ally just off the secondary road to the main highway of…look, why don’t I just give you the link:

There, now you can find it.

Please, feel free to go to the Episode 4 (Part 1 of 3) page and rate it! Comment too! We could use all the support we can get. Episode 3 has already been featured and we got some nice comments. But as with everything on the Internet, there are those who like to show the world just how insipid they can be. So why not go to the page and show everyone that our viewers can actually string a proper sentence together (you don’t have to spell correctly though, just pretend that you’re a nice foreigner).

Here’s Episode 4 (Part 1 of 3):

We also have entered the Break a Leg “Very First Contest” Contest with our own special love letter to Amber Turnipseed.

Confused? Maybe this’ll clear things up:

That didn’t really help much did it? No. But it is cute right? Sure it is. As LeVar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, “But don’t take my word for it.”

Here’s an article from to back up my claim: article about the contest.

Okay, they didn’t say it was “cute” per se, but what do you want from me?! They liked it! And if you like it too, go ahead and comment and rate it on YouTube.

“But, Robb” you say again, asking too many questions, “I need a YouTube account to rate and comment don’t I? Won’t I look stupid having an account since I don’t make videos?”

Well, yes you do need an account. And no, you won't look stupid. The simple fact is that most people who have YouTube accounts don’t actually make videos. Actually, I’ve found that the ones who don’t make videos like to criticize the harshest and yell the loudest. So why not become a non-video-making commenter with a conscience? Turn this ship around? You can do it! It’s easy. Nice people rarely look stupid.

Anyway, that’s the news from here. I’m working on the music for Episode 6, we have another short in the works and we’re starting pre-production on Episode 7! Look for all that soon, but not too soon, we have to keep up standards around here. Rugbnumba8 had this to say “this is absolutely the worst acting i have ever seen. ive seen better acting in my high school plays.” And Bubutkin commented, “Slapstick shtick. I didn't know or care about any of the characters in it. Totally overacted. What was the story even about?” (note to Bubutkin: I'm sorry that our sitcom wasn't serious enough for you. Maybe we'll have someone contract AIDS in the second season?)

Don’t you think it’s time you added your two cents (neither of those guys make videos either)?

I do have a question though, what the hell happened to Rugbnumbas 1 through 7? Was that screen name really so popular that this jackass had to settle for being #8? Is there a Japanese cartoon out there that I don’t know about?