Monday, December 15, 2008

Remote Blogging

What is this?! A new post?!


I just got a new Blackberry and I wanted to see what thus whole "remote blogging" or "phone logging" or "phlogging" is all about.

This seems like the perfect day in which to do it as my computer is currently being held.hostage by a freelance job. I'm capturing 8 hours of footage and can't do anything else really until it's done.

I need another computer.

The LFTI X-Mas vido is online today. I'd post a link but...

I'm struggling enough trying to type with, essentially, my thumbnails. I look forward to many more hours of thumbnail typing. I anxiously await the phenomenon of my thumbnails growing twice as fast as the rest of my fingernails.

Anyway, look for the LFTI video!