Friday, December 21, 2007

Have a Swingin' Christmas

And a very, very, very hap'nin New Year!

Here's a little video that we (Katr Producer-type-people) made for the holidays. Just some extra split screen fun. Since the Amber Turnipseed video was such a blast to make, we decided to do another in a similar vein (we won the Turnipseed competition by the way).

Hope you like it!

Happy Holidays!

You can also see the video on YouTube. Please feel free to rate and comment! it would be the perfect Christmas gift!

Fun Fact: This song was recorded by Tanya and myself for our 2004 Christmas Album titled "Tanya and Robb; the Greatest Holiday Songs Ever them this year."

Look for it at record stores everywhere!

Seriously, keep your eye out. If you see a copy of this album in a record store, let me know because that record store is breaking the law!

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