Friday, December 09, 2005

The Earth Keeps Spinning

Even without me! Although, I can’t be absolutely certain as I have never been on the Earth without me. You could all be figments of my imagination or a computer program embedded in my brain by jealous nemeses to convince me that I’m actually an out-of-work actor and screenwriter living in a humble apartment, enduring hours of the maddening construction that’s going on outside my windows instead of the highly successful and wealthy man-about-town that I actually am in the “real” world.

A guy can dream can’t he?

Anyway, the reason that I’m on this subject is because I was feeling a strange pang of guilt for not posting yesterday. I don’t know why. This isn’t some kind of public service or anything. Maybe it’s because there have been more than a few topics on which I was going to post – and then I got lazy.

But, rest assured, the world keeps moving even when I’m not around to bitch about it.

“Religious fundamentalist” politicians are still trying to win back Christmas – and the conservative vote.

Cops are still being suspended for making “sexist,” “racist,” and “generally insensitive” videos that don’t contain any more sexism, racism, or insensitivity than you would see on the average anything produced by MTV. Yes, the cops are being punished, basically, for poor production values. And for being idiots.

Good Morning America is still slowly turning into a Christian program by airing segments called “Keeping the Faith” with the vague notion that they’re including all religions, when the fact remains that this week, other than Christians talking about the bible, I’ve only seen one other religion represented…they found themselves one Jew. Am I supposed to believe that a network television show – a network television show that shoots in New York City – can’t find more than one Jewish person? And there were no Muslims or Hindus hanging around? Couldn’t flag down a cab or something?!

Kids in LA are still beating on each other because of the color of their skin.

The CIA still denies that there are any secret prisons operating in the world but are quick to state – hypothetically – that if there were, and if mistakes were made in regards to arrests and such, then those hypothetical mistakes would have been hypothetically handled in a hypothetically prudent manner…hypothetically.

George Bush is still a freaking moron.

Yes, the world keeps turning. The birds keep flying (although they are doing it wrong!). Even though I don’t draw unnecessary attention to it.

I just though that I would clear that up for you.

You’re welcome.

Fun Fact: The reason for my neglect of this blog (although this week I’ve been pretty good) is that I’m editing my latest short film, The Social Club. Well, I’m not (physically) editing it, the editor is, but I get to stand over his shoulder and aggravate him. It’s good to be the director.

So the next time you go to your local video store, ask for The Social Club.

Sure, it won’t be there. But it would be totally cool if you asked.

It would make me feel like a big man.

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