Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Where’s My Golden Globe?!

There were many winners – and about 5-times-as-many losers – at the Golden Globes last night. Congrats to Hugh, Forest, Jennifer, Kyra, America, Sacha, Clint, Marty, Jack Nicholson’s determined-looking daughter et al.

But there was one new show that was tragically overlooked at the star-studded gala. The new hit Internet sitcom “Life From the Inside” was nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps it was because it didn’t have a very wide opening. Perhaps it’s because it hasn’t officially “opened” anywhere yet. But the website is almost live. Doesn’t that count for anything anymore? And I have a small portion of the show posted on YouTube. Sure, the tiny bit of the show that I have on YouTube can’t be viewed by the public, but that’s no excuse! We had our official screening party on Saturday! There were at least 13 people there! We served mini quiches!

Shame on you, Golden Globes.

So, in spite of the Golden Globes’ obviously politically motivated snub, I have decided to submit “Life From the Inside” for another – more prestigious – award…

The TAMmy®.

It’s a special award given by the administrator of this blog.

For your consideration:

Here is a preview of the website:

And here is a random clip of the pilot episode. It may seem a bit strange, but you have to remember that there was a method to my madness. I was trying to see what the show would look like using different compression. This was the best. And since I was also testing the sound quality with this particular clip, I used the opening slate.

But you can gleen enough about the episode I think. Like that the title of the show is “Life From the Inside.” That the episode title is “*do not attempt.” And that I have the first credit (the most important).

Enjoy this tiny preview of the pilot episode of “Life From the Inside.” Make note of the awe-inspiring dialogue. Never before has the line “Thank you! Alright…” been uttered with more power.

Fun Fact: Kathy and David took Tanya and I on a life-threatening hike yesterday. Tanya twisted her ankle.

I learned that the drugstore carries a surprisingly diverse assortment of ace bandages. I’ve decided that it’s a carefully executed plan to help dull the pain of your injury. If a wounded person stares at all of the options offered, eventually their brain will numb from the sheer amount of alternatives.

Go to Chez Sarcastica and kiss Tanya’s owie.

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