Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ignorance is bliss. I used to know what it was like NOT to be featured on the front page of YouTube.

Now I do.

The subscribers! The views! The publicity!

But like a nerd taken to the prom by the hottest girl in school as a joke, eventually your bubble will be burst…and in a cruel way.

Life From The Inside was about two inches from being able to sit at the cool kid’s table. So close that we could smell the name brand snack cakes.

Now we are back at the table by the door listening to tales of all-night D&D campaigns and gnawing on Little Debbies.

YouTube featured us on the front page today…for about an HOUR.

I don’t know if there was a glitch or what, but we’re gone now. We did get a bunch of new subscribers, which was very nice. I would have like to have been up longer, but I guess you take what you can?

At least I have a cool screenshot of the event as proof! That’s something! And we can ALWAYS say that we’ve been featured on the front page of YouTube!

And we will.

Fun Fact: The finale of Episode 6 will be posted on Monday! Yeah! And, who knows, maybe we’ll make the front page after all?

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