Monday, November 21, 2005

Early Bird Special

I’m posting the latest TAM Cartoon today! One day early! Yowza!

You may be thinking to yourself, “TAM has a regular cartoon posting schedule?” the answer is…yes. Pay attention!

I just thought that since this is another Thanksgiving themed cartoon and Thanksgiving is coming very soon, I had better get it up now so that it can be “enjoyed” before the holiday instead of after. Looking at a Thanksgiving cartoon after Thanksgiving is over is annoying. Like when people leave their Christmas trees up until February.

Don’t leave your Christmas trees up until February. The only people with an excuse are those poor shut-ins who die and no one notices until months later when neighbors become aware only because the mail starts piling up and the neighborhood cats look healthier and more satisfied. They can’t really help it. So unless you’re dead, take that tree down by late January – at the least.

The lights though are another story. Live the Yuletide spirit all year long with festive Christmas lights!

Live it!

Fun Fact: Tanya reads magazines backwards. I don’t know why. I guess she doesn’t care if she ruins the ending.

Spoiler Alert!

The Absolute Vodka did it.

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