Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Unclehood Redux Redux

I’ve gotten a few “requests” to replace the picture of the rubber baby being birthed from the rubber vagina (see previous post). Let me take care of that with some pictures of my brand new – real-life – niece.

In case you forgot, she didn’t have a name for a little while. Well, she has one now. It’s Sorrel Sage Stewart. A fun name. Any name become more fun when you add alliteration! Now the kid’s initials are cool. SSS. It’s always important to put some thought into your child’s initials. It will come in handy when they get high scores on classic video games or when they go off to college and need to identify their CDs so that their roommates won’t steal them.

So, this is my niece. The second picture is my favorite because she looks like she’s having a heated conversation on an invisible phone. Give ‘em hell Sorrel.

Fun Fact: I am also quite fond of Sorrel’s name because she sounds like she hails from Krypton. They just need to change the spelling to Sor El, then she be “super” cool.

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