Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just Tryin' Somethin'

Okay, YouTube is teh suck. That's internet talk for "teh suck." So let's try Revver, shall we? And let's try their linkable collection feature.

Here are the first two episodes of the sitcom as seen on Revver. They are much higher quality. The flash versions look the best. The Quicktime versions sound the best. Watch them at the same time and you've got yourself quite an experience. (incidentally, you can toggle between the two versions. There's a button around them somewhere.)

Sure, you'll still be able to see your favorite episodes on YouTube, never fear. If you find yourself pining for substandard video compression YouTube will always be your friend.

But, on to Revver.

Did this work? Can you feel the love? Episode 3 will be online soon! Just some final tweaking and privacy issues and we'll be in business!

Okay, the episodes are now in the sidebar on the right since I can't figure out why it won't post in the blog part of the page. Episode 1, Part 1 is at the bottom, they go up from there. like reading Chinese!

Fun Fact: YouTube is teh suck.

And as a side note, these videos may not stay on Revver for long. Enjoy them now, while you can!

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