Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I’m Baaaaaaaaack!

Miss me? I missed you. Man, it’s been a while. I really should update this blog more often. I will. I promise.

I’ve already missed so many interesting topics. Paris went to jail. And…um…Paris went to jail…wait, I said that one already.

Oh, I know! Paris went to jail!

And Bushy commuted Scooter’s sentence. But that just happened, so – technically – I didn’t really miss it. But I’m going to. I’m going to miss it right now.

This is me, “missing it.”

But in other, more exciting and less maddening news; the latest episode of “Life From The Inside” is now officially online. Most of it has been hanging out in that video bar on the right side of this page all weekend (drinking too much and chatting up da’ ladies, no doubt), but now it’s actually on the LFTI website (thanks Lauren, you’re the best)!

Go there now and watch it! Now! Here, I’ll even make it easy for you:


Let me know what you think.

It’s also on YouTube for those of you who like your videos of a…less sophisticated nature.

Fun Fact: We shot some LFTI shorts recently, so you should be seeing one of those in the next few weeks. And I’m going to start editing Episode 5 very soon. We start shooting Episode 6 at the end of the month.


And, if you didn’t expect Bush to commute Scooter’s sentence than you’re living in a fool’s paradise. What are the rents like in that paradise? I think I’d like to move there. Sounds lovely. Bush doesn’t reward cronyism there.

Anyway, we should just be happy that Georgie didn’t give Mr. Libby his own South Pacific Island while he was at it. (If they hadn’t put Jack Abramoff away, he could’ve arranged that.)

Oops, there, I did it, I commented on the Scooter Libby thing.

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