Monday, November 20, 2006


Follow-ups, if you will? There have been some “breaking developments” since my last post. Are they important? No. Not really. But I’ll relate them all the same.

Toys for Tots decided to allow Val Kilmer Jesus into their fold. TfT will simply distribute the proselytizing doll to true believers, you know, it will only give the toy to children whose faith is already fully developed. That’s mighty Christian of them.

Also, there’s nothing like good old-fashioned moral outrage.

Geraldo was on the TV this morning talking about the upcoming “hypothetical” OJ interview on FOX. He thinks the interview is in bad taste. Actually, he called it “disgusting.” He doesn’t feel that it’s kosher to profit off of a killer.

Am I wrong, or is this the same man who wasted hours of my life in the 80s with that whole “Al Capone’s Vault” nonsense? I can still remember my disappointment that the vault was empty. Really. This was my first real experience with hype. And boy was I let down. Sure, I’ve resented Geraldo ever since, but that’s not why it bugs me that he’s chastising FOX (his network by the way) for their OJ thing. No my problem is that at last count Al Capone, a convicted criminal, is responsible for dozens of deaths, even committing a few himself, whereas, as far as anyone knows, OJ is only responsible for two (hypothetically). Yes, neither man was actually convicted of murder, but why does Geraldo reserve his moral outrage for OJ? Because OJ’s an asshole? Probably. But “pots and kettles” Mr. Rivera. Pots and kettles.

Bill O’Reilly is mad too and calling for a boycott of the FOX Network and their advertisers because of OJ. He claims moral outrage but I think the real issue is that Bill is afraid that some actual truth might inadvertently escape OJ’s lips. Truth is Bill O’Reilly’s kryptonite.

Let me clarify something here, I think the OJ interview is in very bad taste. I won’t watch it (I won’t have to, I’ll see clips of it all over every news show, you know, so that the news outlets can vent their own moral outrage, ratings have nothing to do with it, they’ll air the clips because they simply can’t believe that someone would actually air them, it’s a logic that would best be left un-analyzed). I hate the fact that OJ Simpson is going to be paid millions of dollars for his time. But that’s the way things work. He was never convicted in a criminal court of the murders. It’s his right to profit off of his experience if he wants to. Like it or not. No one is making anyone watch. FOX also has the right to make money off this endeavor. Let’s not try to pretend like no one ever profits off of other’s misfortune. Usually we try to mask it as “____ undercover” or “the Real Story Finally Revealed” or “the Story you Didn’t Hear” of some such nonsense. “Hypothetically” is just another entry in the lexicon of “Words to Use When Profiting off of Other People’s Misery.” Sure, it’s sick and twisted, but people are sick and twisted. Don’t think so? Have you played a video game lately?

Anyway, I just wanted to update you on the “recent” developments. “Cause that’s the kind of guy I am.

Fun Fact: Michael Richards in for a world of shit. Check out to see his racist ranting.

I’m not quite ready to give Michael the benefit of the doubt. The video is pretty damning. But I can almost see what he was trying to do. It’s almost as if he was “hypothetically” being a racist.

Oh, Michael…

Also, from what I can surmise from Mike’s blog, congratulations are in order. So congrats Mike and Jo.

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