Monday, November 27, 2006

TAM Returns

Back from Washington State. The trip went well. The plane trip was remarkably uneventful. Really, there’s nothing to report. My family is doing well. Tanya’s family is doing well. We drove though E Burg to see the ol’ Alma Matter. It’s pretty much the same.


Oh, I caught a cold. That’s exciting isn’t it? No? Well what do you want from me?!

I wrestled a bear in Spokane. A huge Kodiak bear. Its scorching drool burned my face as I pulled him to the frozen ground with my naked hands. Our fates intertwined in one horrendous death roll. Who would triumph? One of us would eventually rise victorious. The other would be strewn about the snowy earth turning the majesty of winter into a slushy, bloody vichyssoise. The struggle lasted for what seemed to be an eternity. My muscles strained against…

None of that happened. I’m tired of pretending that it did. I was just trying to make my Thanksgiving homecoming more interesting for you. I do everything for you. It makes me sick. I’m tired of living my life for you! No, wait! Don’t go! I’m sorry. Would you like me to make you some hot cocoa? It’s no trouble, really.

Let me give you a little advice: Don’t blog when you’ve got a cold.

Fun Fact: It’s really sad that a couple of extraordinarily good looking people can’t go a for a nice dinner anymore without being savaged by bald-headed hoodlums. Are the hoodlums jealous of the handsome couple’s really cool car? I would be. Who wouldn’t want a silver 2002 Echo with no hubcaps?

My god but those people getting their car valet parked are attractive.

Check out

Oh, and a special congratulations are in order for Vince and Julie! Your recent news was “engaging” to say the least. Congrats a thousand times! You should buy Tanya and I dinner to celebrate!

Again, never blog with a cold.

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