Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Poster Boy

Lately, I’ve supposed to have been writing on Life From the Inside (that’s the latest “project” if you’re not hip). As you can tell from the sentence above, lately writing hasn’t been one of my strong suits. So what have I been doing to while away my time and yet keep up the appearance of productivity? Marketing.

Not marketing per se, but the idea of marketing. Or, I should say, marketing ideas. I warned you about the writing. We had a publicity photo shoot before Thanksgiving. Now, we have yet to pick our official publicity photos, and the photos have yet to be completely finished, but in the interest of the “greater good” I went ahead and threw together a quick publicity poster.

So, here it is, the highly unofficial first one sheet for “Life From the Inside.”

Go ahead and ignore that web address for now. Oh, sure, you can go there but you won’t see anything exciting. Not yet. Just wait a little while. I’ll give you the first scoop when the web site is up and running. You’ll be the first. Even before we begin our “official” marketing push. In fact, I’m only putting this poster up here because my readership has dropped so significantly. I figure the ones who are left should be privy to “in the know” info.

Aren’t you special.

Fun Fact: On TV this morning, before the Baker Study Group thing, they were talking about Paris Hilton. I was terrified to learn that Paris Hilton wants to have four children before she turns 30. But as if that wasn’t scary enough, I was reminded of something even more horrifying and completely bone chilling – Paris Hilton is only 25 years old! I guess I knew that, but she’s been in the damned news so long that I forgot just how young she actually was. You know, you figure that if someone has dominated the entertainment gossip for the last 6 years they have to have been around for a while. But then you remember that you can create all sorts of celebrity gossip at a young age if you don’t trouble yourself with college.

Then the idea of Paris not going to college made me wonder just what the hell does she have to offer her future children anyway? A thirst for knowledge? A respect for the human condition? How far can four kids go in the world with nothing but a rudimentary knowledge of small dogs and what’s “hot?” Unfortunately, if you couple that with Paris’ wealth the answer presents itself.

But there was something far more troubling to me than Paris’ desire to procreate. If she’s only 25, that means that we have to put up with her for another 55 to 60 years! Unless, of course, she happens to become the victim of some tragic accident.

Maybe Paris should take up skydiving?

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