Friday, February 23, 2007

Movin’ and Shakin’

The other night Tanya, Kathy and myself had drinks with the producers of a great online comedy series called “The Burg.”

As you know, we’ve been producing an online sitcom called “Life From The Inside.” (Don’t worry. The website is coming very soon) So far, we haven’t been able to talk with anyone who’s doing what we’ve been doing. But all that changed on Wednesday.

I contacted the good people at The Burg to get some friendly advice on web hosting, video compression and other such sexy concerns. They were very helpful. They even suggested that since they were going to be in LA visiting with various Hollywood players they would like to meet and have drinks. Very cool of them.

It was nice to finally have someone to commiserate with on the finer points of web production. Especially ones who have had so much success. Here’s a link to their write-up in Wired Magazine.

They’re cool people and I just wanted to say thanks to Kathleen and Thom, wish them the best of luck and send you to see their show. Go to and watch, say “hi” or do…whatever. Just go and support independent online shows.

Plus, I figured that I should post since I’ve been neglecting this blog for far too long. But it’s all for a good cause. We shoot the final part of Episode 3 on Saturday. I should be done editing it in a few weeks. In the midst of that we’ll be shooting episode 4! Needless to say that as the editor, head writer, sound mixer, composer and color and compression guy, I’ll have my hands full for a while.

Fun Fact: If you haven’t already experienced Life From The Inside, head over to YouTube ( and search for “LFTI.”

It’ll change your life.*

*May not actually change anything.

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