Monday, February 12, 2007

Visions of the Future

I’m always asking myself, “who wouldn’t like to see into the future and witness personal glories yet to come?”

…Perhaps condemned people. You know, people who are going to die sometime in the future.


I’m always asking myself, ”who the hell would want to see into the future and witness their own grisly fate?”

Anyway, we shot the third episode of Life From The Inside (go to YouTube and search LFTI) over the past two weekends, which is one reason that I haven’t been updating this blog (sorry).

I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the episode, titled “*no substitutions.” But the pictures aren’t back from the set photographer yet (evidently, he would like to have more than a couple hours to sort through the hundreds of pictures he’s taken before I post them here for people to ignore. Man, what a prima donna.).

Luckily for you, one character in this episode wielded a camera and, as directed, snapped off a couple pictures during her scenes. So for your looking enjoyment, here are a few of the fantastic pictures she took while acting. In essence, these pictures are a virtual representation of what it's like to perform in a scene from the "hit" internet sitcom "Life From The Inside."

A preview of Episode 3. The future is now!

Fun Fact: Episode 3 is the episodes that never ends. We still have to shoot two scenes but we’re waiting for a couple weeks so that I can grow a beard.

I’ve actually been growing the beard for the last week also since I wasn’t in any scenes this past weekend. This’ll be good because it takes me about three weeks to grow a two-week beard.

Sometimes I feel like the world’s only physically adolescent thrity-something.

Puberty, come to me!

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