Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? It’s my mother’s birthday today. The greatest mother I’ve ever had. Also, the first mother I ever had. More than just a coincidence.

She was my art teacher at one point during my grade school years. And the only teacher I’ve ever had who sent me to the principal’s office. I don’t really remember a lot about that episode, though. I’m sure I mouthed off. I loved to mouth off. All I remember is copious amounts of yelling, staring and a garbage can being kicked across the classroom.

And I wasn’t the one who kicked it.

But mom’s left her garbage can kicking days behind her. She’s a mellower chick now. Although I’m sure she wouldn’t mind kicking a few garbage cans at her current students. And I’m sure she wouldn’t mind kicking a few more at me from time to time. I know she wouldn’t do that now.

I would have her thrown in jail.

No, I wouldn’t do that. She’s my mom. And it’s her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Fun Fact: Feliz aniversario, Vince! That’s Portuguese for Happy Birthday, Vincesco. Yes, it’s also Vince’s birthday today. He’s never kicked a garbage can at me or sent me to the principal’s office, but I haven’t given him a good reason to either. Not yet. There’s still time. He’s a jerk.

Happy Birthday, Vince.

Oh, yeah, the latest TAM Cartoon is up too! Fantástico! (That’s also Portuguese, but I can’t figure out what it means. Something about gravy, I’m sure. I like gravy.)

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