Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Yeah, I have nothing really to say today. But I’m posting for the purpose of drawing attention to the latest TAM Cartoon! Lookatthetopofthepagesational!

You’re welcome.

Fun Fact: I wrote the word “purpose” in the above paragraph. Whenever I see the word “purpose” it always makes me think of that childrens’ magazine “Highlights.”

I use to love Highlights as a kid. Usually I would only come across it in offices (doctors, dentists, juvenile parole board…). Most of the time the “Hidden Pictures” game was already completed (mostly completed anyway) (my moronic peers invariably didn’t look hard enough at the foliage in the picture. Hint: there’s almost always a hammer or a tobacco pipe in the tree.).

Goofus and Gallant were always good for a chuckle.

My all-time favorite was the “find the differences between the two pictures” game. It taught me that pictures are a lot like people. There are similarities yes, but if you look closer, you’ll find that we are actually quite different. And if you exploit those differences you can breed enough fear and hatred to gather an army and claim your own ethnically clean holy land.

But the reason I bring this up is the word “purpose.” Highlights Magazine was subscripted “Fun With Purpose.” I was always confused by the cover. I could never read the word “purpose” right. In my head it was always “Per - pose” And I could never figure out what “Per – pose” was.

So, while Highlights taught me how to spot a smoking implement in a fichus, how use a napkin while keeping my elbows off the table and how to inspire a militia against a Zionist government…it never taught me how to read.

Thanks for nothing, Highlights.

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