Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Welcome to Tuesday

You guessed it, it’s Tuesday. A good day. I suppose it’s not the most exciting day in the week, but it’s fair enough. In America, elections usually happen on Tuesdays.

Tuesday is associated with the god Mars. He is the god of spring and fertility, the protector of cattle and was voted "Most Casual Poser" in his high school sculpture class.

It’s also associated with the Norse god of war, Tyr (Tyr’s Day), whose hand was destroyed by the Fenris wolf. And whose other hand was always trying to hide his "man boobs."

The Romans saw Tuesday as a bad luck day. After all, Constantinople fell on a Tuesday. Istanbul was Constantinople, now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople. Been a long time gone. Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s no body’s business but the Ottoman Empire, who, under the command of Sultan Mehmed II, conquered Constantinople and renamed it.

People in Spanish-speaking regions also feel that Tuesday is a bad luck day. I don’t know why.

Well, the Great Depression started on a Tuesday. Maybe the Romans and Latinos are on to something big here?

George Bush was also elected on a Tuesday. And he gave a really lame ass speech on TV this morning (on a Tuesday) illustrating just what a clueless ass he really is, taking cleulessness to new, scarier and even more delusional heights.

Perhaps I was wrong about Tuesday when I said it was a “good day.”

I think it just might suck.

Who knew?

Fun Fact: The latest TAM Cartoon is up! Tuesdaytastic! Does that make Tuesday better…or worse? Only you can be the judge.

You know how wishy-washy I am about Tuesday.

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