Monday, April 17, 2006

I Can Call You Betty

In lieu of anything new or creative today, I thought that I would just post a couple of movie trailers. Why not? If nothing else, I can help to keep YouTube in business. We should all support YouTube, shouldn’t we? I mean, what would we do if we couldn’t see dumbasses in underwear illegally dance in their living room to copyrighted songs?

Seriously, where is the FBI? Every time I put a DVD in my player, they threaten me with prosecution, yet underwear-wearing 18-year-olds can dance freely without reprisal? Don’t tell me that FBI can’t find these people. Their names are, more often than not, written right there on the waistband of their jockeys! Where’s the justice?!

Wait. Forget all that. Support YouTube. YouTube has helped artists from every walk of life share their creativity with the world. It’s helped everyone get a better idea of what their fellow man is doing. More importantly, I see the people on YouTube and I’m inspired.

Those YouTubers really make me feel better about myself.

Here are the movie trailers I promised. Fortunately, neither of these trailers infringe on any copyrights. Both are frightening. Al Gore’s is scary because it’s…well, it’s true, and Kevin Smith's is scary because it’s been 12 years since “Clerks” came out and that makes me feel old.


An Inconvenient Truth

Clerks II

See a better trailer for Clerks II here.

As with any Kevin Smith movie, in each one there’s always one apology that he needs to make to his audience (you know what they are). I’ll go ahead and preemptively make Kevin’s apology for Clerks II.

Sorry for Rosario Dawson.

Fun Fact: According to IMDb, One of the things that prompted Kevin Smith to make the film was a promise he made to friend Jason Mewes. If Mewes managed to stay off drugs he would be able to play the character of "Jay" one more time. Smith kept his promise.

One of the things that prompted Al Gore to make his film was the fact that he was tired of just being known as “that guy who lost the presidential election.” And he wanted to keep Jason Mewes off drugs too.

Honestly, what the hell was the country thinking? Why did we elect George W?! His dad was bad enough, and I got to tell you, George Jr. really makes me miss the good old days of 1989 when daddy was put in the White House.

Sorry, I’m getting off point here.

But really, George W. Bush?!!!

What the fuck, people?!


Keep Jason Mewes off drugs, kids.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad!

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