Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Damn You, Bill Clinton

Damn you, Ramadan. Damn you, liberal pussies. Damn you, Democrats.

Damn you, everybody but President Bush. Why have you screwed up things so badly?

The president just wants to be flexible in his Iraq policy by not changing it one iota. He wouldn’t have to look so hypocritical if former administrations hadn’t turned everything into such a debacle. It’s been a long time since Bill Clinton was the leader of our country and it’s still his fault that things are all fucked up.

I hope the next administration can find a way to blame Bill Clinton as much as George HW Bush does. Bill deserves it for keeping us relatively safe from terrorists, nurturing a booming economy, making the United States a greener place and putting more money in the pockets of average Americans. Screw you, Bill Clinton.

That’s what you get for receiving a BJ in the Oval Office.

Fun Fact: On a much lighter note Jared and Tosha have had their first baby! Congrats to them! It’s a boy named Luca A Woods-V (I’ve abbreviated that a little to protect the kid’s identity).

I’ve already asked and, yes, the baby does live on the second floor, but unless you live in a very specific place, he probably doesn’t live upstairs from you and, no, you probably haven’t seen him before.

No word yet on whether the new baby will betray the Corleone family.

Congratulations again to Jared and Tosha, I hope to see the kid next month. I can’t believe that you two are parents! You’ll be great ones, but damn you’re making me feel old!


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