Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It’s Back!

The rain. It’s been a while since we’ve had rain here in Los Angeles. And I have to say that I’ve missed it. I don’t miss the traffic, I don’t miss the fact that nobody seems to remember how to drive when it gets wet, but I miss the rain.

But poor Arrested Development. They had their premier last night (which was fantastic by the way). But today they sat in the park across from FOX in the midst of a huge carnival setup wondering why the hell it decided to rain on the one day they needed to film outside. That’s what you get for listening to the weather people in LA. 20% chance my fat bottom.

Send your condolences to the cast and crew of Arrested Development. And while you’re doing that, tell them that if they don’t want to draw attention to themselves, they shouldn’t park the Bluth Stair Car prominently next to the street. It’s hard to miss that thing.

Fun Fact: Something else is making its dubious return today…the TAM Cartoon!

Yes the tortuous wait is over. After a three-week hiatus, the TAM Cartoon has come back to bring looks of bewilderment to the faces of the world. Notworththewait-a-licious!

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