Monday, June 19, 2006

Bucking a Stereotype

West Hollywood has always been considered one of the more…liberal…cities around Los Angeles.

Almost as if they’re proving a point, the West Hollywood city council is voting whether or not to approve a resolution that would attempt to decriminalize the casual use of marijuana. The resolution is designed to encourage police officers to focus on more serious crimes than pot smoking. Crimes like crack smoking and the mutilation of people’s pet dogs’ ears.

Smoking pot would still be illegal in the city, especially if done on the streets. And dealers would still be pursued. But the days of SWAT teams breaking down people’s doors while they’re kicking back on a Saturday night will, the city hopes, be a thing of the past.

This will solve two problems: The first being that cops will no longer have to suffer debilitating foot injuries from all that door-kicking. And two, in West Hollywood anyway, “Saturday Night Live” just might be funny again.

But West Hollywood has always been on the cutting edge as far as “resolutions” go. And why not? It’s a cutting edge type of place. I mean, if you consider being a homosexual “cutting edge.” Which I don’t since homosexuality has been around since the dawn of man. So I just ruined my own argument, didn’t I? Well, tough tympanis. It’s my blog.

But I did want to bring attention to West Hollywood’s prominent gay community. It’s a fine community. Good people. And they keep the place very tidy.

West Hollywood is a place where gay people can walk freely, without fear of being considered “deviant.” And, believe me, these gay communities are important battlegrounds in the war against intolerance. The homosexual people of West Hollywood are sending a strong message that there’s nothing devious or depraved about being a gay person in this day and age.

There is dignity in being gay. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Gays aren’t just viewed sex-starved freaks who like to dress up like sadomasochistic circus clowns to march in parades to Village People music and give reach-arounds while redecorating someone’s den.

Not any more. Those stereotypes are as tired as a lesbian’s Doc Martins.

Gone are the days when gay people had to relegate their sexual adventures to clandestine rendezvous in the back seat of a Prius parked in a darkened alley.

You can do that in the open now! Because in West Hollywood, they’ve already passed a resolution that has decriminalized having sex in parked cars.

Yes, folks, West Hollywood is that liberal. And classy too! The city council has sent a clear message here. Gay people like to have sex in cars! And that’s okay. It’s just what gay people do, right? They like to have sex in cars. And why shouldn’t they? It’s a gay ol’ time!

Man, the city council in West Hollywood is really making amazing strides in the way that gay people are viewed by the ignorant public. That’s just what the gay community needs, a hot beef injection of pure class. Good job, men!

But hey, I shouldn’t be too hard on the West Hollywood City Council for passing that “sex in cars” resolution.

I mean, they were probably stoned at the time.

Fun Fact: Congratulate Kevin on his recent mention in the Boston Globe! His parody of James Blunt’s “Beautiful” is getting some press. Right alongside Weird Al! That’s great for Kevin, but it’s good for me too. I did the music for Kevin’s version (I also did the camera work, and Tanya did the playback!)

Yeah me!

If you haven’t heard the tune lately or seen the video, watch it! It didn’t used to have my accompaniment on it but now it does. Taste the difference!

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