Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fed. Up

Mr. McFeely weeps.

I’ve had it with the Federal Government and their so-called postal “service.”

There are certain times when I can’t avoid receiving a package or letter that has been sent “registered mail.” I have to sign for these parcels. And I got another one yesterday.

I’ve blogged about this before (and here, by proxy). About my horrific, lazy, painfully slow post office. It’s the place I have to go to sign for these parcels since my mailman is too big of a lazy fuckass to walk up one flight of stairs to deliver my mail.

Well, this morning, since my mailman yesterday wanted to avoid the 30 second round trip to my front door, I had to spend 30 minutes at the post office.

Yes, it took 30 minutes for me to get my package. I suppose it was because I was so far back in line. I was fourth after all.


This is going to be a short post today. I have to go and write another strongly worded letter to the USPS for them to completely ignore.

I guess I just want to say…

Fuck you, mailman. Fuck you, USPS.

Fun Fact: And fuck the horse you rode in on.

It’s time to privatize all postal service in this country. Not only do the postal workers at the post office have piss-poor customer service, they pride themselves on it. No wonder that so many former postal workers go on murderous rampages and kill their former co-workers. If I had to work with these ass clowns for even one day…

Oh my, the language I’ve used.

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