Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eye Candy

Yes, as promised, I have a little eye candy for you today – the latest TAM Cartoon! Whatateasetastic!

I hope you don’t get ocular cavities.

Ha! Get it?! Ocular cavities?! It’s funny on many different levels. I’ll explain them. One, because eye candy doesn’t cause cavities; and two, because you already have ocular cavities! Ha, ha! Two of them!

You have two ocular cavities!

Seriously, you should brush you eyeballs better.

Fun Fact: Speaking of eye care; gruff and witty Peter Falk is renown for two things, playing Detective Columbo – and having a glass eye. He’s been known to tap his glass eye with a spoon during conversations as a prank and has even removed his prosthesis at speaking engagements.

It’s only fitting that a man with such a sense of humor about his condition should have lost his eye in a humorous manner.

…Cancer…when he was three.

That’s not funny at all. Thanks for being such a downer, Pete.

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