Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Me

No, it’s not my birthday, it’s Julie’s. But I’m a blogger and I therefore am contractually compelled to make it all about me!

Go me!

I’m also contractually compelled to make her a birthday present (by Tanya. I really need to renegotiate my contract. No, wait! I’d better just leave it the way it is. I’ll paint a few birthday presents if it means I don’t have to get a real job.) My latest “thing” is to paint these “off, off, on” triptychs. The series has grown to four now that Julie has decided to get older today, and it seems that everybody has a birthday, so I reckon that the series will only get bigger…and fast.

Here it is:

It’s a funny thing about gifts. I like to give them (when I can think of something and it’s good) because I’m a pretty narcissistic guy and I like the attention that comes with giving a great gift. Especially giving a gift of “art.” Because the recipient is forced to put it somewhere. At least when you come to visit. And especially if they claimed to like it. So don’t gush over a gift of bad art, you’ll be living with it for eternity.

I know that Julie will probably hang it somewhere in her apartment or at work, and sure, it may be in a cupboard or something, but for years to come, whenever she reaches for canned cut green beans, she’ll be forced to think of me…and her 62nd birthday.

Happy 62nd birthday, Julie.

Fun Fact: Julie is not 62.

And the latest TAM Cartoon is up! Exaggerific!

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