Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Just Watch It for the Ring Girls

Yowie! Nothing hotter than a slutted-up boxing ring girl.

So, I was minding my business this morning, watching “Daily Show” clips and laughing to myself about how I beat the system by not buying cable television and instead getting DSL, when I came across something fascinating.

Jon Stewart was showing cat boxing.

To be honest, I had forgotten all about cat boxing. It’s not the most popular sport these days. But I had seen footage of cat boxing in my younger days. Why? Well, because it’s one of the first things that Thomas Edison decided to film with his new moving pictures camera. And when I was a kid, that was history.

Obviously. I mean, Thomas probably only invented the damned moving picture camera because he wanted to film some cats boxing. It’s what I would have done.

Here’s the film. Enjoy.

Good old Thomas filmed lots of other interesting things as well. People kissing, a kid juggling some batons, regular boxing, a great train robbery, some dude stealing liquor and tobacco from a cartoon, an elephant being electrocuted to death by alternating current, the electric chair execution of President William McKinley’s assassin Leon Czolgosz…

You know, the usual crap.

Seriously, Edison was the first film producer ever and he chose to film death, debauchery, violence and sex.

Man, one thing is for sure, the movie industry sure has come a long way!

Fun Fact: Old timy movies always have a certain slapstick quality about them. Here’s a great example. It’s Leon Czolgosz’s execution film.

It’s still pretty graphic, so don’t watch it if you’re sensitive.

But, other than the fact that it shows a man actually dying, it looks way more “Keystone Cops” and not so much “Faces of Death.”

In fact, the only thing that it’s missing is two placards at the end that read “Is the tyrant truly dead?”


Go back and watch that cat boxing one again!

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