Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lazy Blogger Me

YouTube is the lazy blogger’s dream. However, it’s also the lazy blog reader’s dream. I mean, if I didn’t post a video from YouTube up here today, there would be nothing to look at.

Trust me. You were going to be totally screwed out of a post today. I mean, it would have been something. I have to announce the latest Tam Cartoon after all. So it wouldn’t have just been yesterday’s post staring you in the face this morning, but it wouldn’t have been much more.

Not that I don’t appreciate your readership. I do. It’s just that I don’t have anything to say. Sure, I could have followed up on yesterday’s post about the immigration marches in downtown LA, but nothing really happened. A bunch of immigrants marched around, waved some flags, and then went home. No biggie. Two people did get arrested. But what’s two people? That’s nothing. It was a really large group, so you expect at least two people to get arrested.

If more than 10 Los Angelinos go to get ice cream it’s practically guaranteed that eventually two of them will be arrested.

So, there’s no point in blogging about the immigration marches.

That leaves me with pretty much nothing. And that’s what I’m passing on to you, the consumer. Nothing.

Except a video from YouTube. And I wasn’t even really going to post that. But when I went to the YouTube site, desperate for something entertaining, it actually delivered. The first featured video this morning seemed exceptionally apropos.

It’s a video from myextralife.com (I couldn’t get this site to load all morning, but maybe soon it’ll be fixed) illustrating the steps it takes to create and post an internet cartoon.

Enjoy, it’s pretty cool.

You can see more videos here (if myextralife.com still won’t load).

Of course, I’m not as technically savvy (and I don’t have any good programs for adding color), so I still create my lame ass cartoon old-school style (and it’s still in black and white, which is pretty okay by me). You can get the behind the scenes look at my cartoon here.

Fun Fact: My behind-the-scenes post is from 2004. Man this blog is getting old. And I still have the same daily hit count as then.

So sad.

Oh, and the latest TAM Cartoon is up! Lazysational!

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