Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shameless Cross-Promotion

There’s a new podcast in town. Don’t get all excited, it’s not mine. But do get all excited because it’s Kevin’s.

Yes, Kevin has entered the mighty world of podcasting. Right in there with conservative religious fanatics and that high school chick who always promises to flash the camera but never does.

Okay, I made those last ones up. I’m not sure that they actually exist. But they probably do. One podcast that does exist is Kevin Sage’s.

Why am I plugging Kevin’s podcast so much, you ask? Well, because he’s my friend. Can’t a brother help another brother out without you getting all snarky and suspicious about it? Huh?!

Sure, he said that he would plug my song “Shameless Self Promoter” a little bit, but that’s not my main reason for doing it. I’m doing it because he’s my friend and his James Blunt music video parody has gotten popular. And because I did the music for the parody (and also the camera work).

Yeah, okay, I can admit that I’m plugging Kevin’s stuff because there’s a little something in it for me. But not much. Just those couple of little things.

Which makes me think…you should subscribe to Kevin’s podcast…and then tell him that you want to see more me.

Fun Fact: To promote cave painting exhibit openings and “rock” concerts, cavemen used to hand out small rocks with hieroglyphs on them. Loosely translated, the stone “flyers” read: “Six Rockin’ Bands, One Small Cover. $15 @ the door. Two drink min.”

I realize that the stone flyer doesn’t make much sense when it comes to promoting a gallery opening but…

It doesn’t matter because I’m obviously making this crap up.

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