Monday, April 26, 2004

A Couple Hundred Hits Later…

Brandon’s prize for being the 2000th visitor is finally here!!

Sorry for the delay.

The prize is a new hit single from the Anthropomorphic Recording Studio titled “2000th Visitor.” It may be Brandon’s prize; however it also belongs to the world…not the copyright, that belongs to me. I hope you all enjoy it. I don’t know how I would categorize the style…pop-punk? Nuvo surf pop? Revolutionary war rock?

A special thanks to Jose Jalapeno for hosting.

Go here, or click on the link at the left for the new TAM hit single!


Oh, and congrats. to Julie for winning FIRST RUNNER UP! You may ask how you win first runner up…you threaten me.

Congratulations Julie, don’t hit me!

Fun Fact: While in the seventh grade I was picked to be the DJ at the big school dance. Why? I have no idea. I didn’t volunteer, I was picked. I think because I was the only one who knew how to run the mixer board (it had knobs on it instead of sliders…rock on). Plus, it was my band director who picked, and I was always picked by band directors to do something It was the beginning of my AV geek days. Lucky for me, those days only lasted about three years, just long enough to get out of a lot of class…people needed those VCR’s! I was doing a public service!

So, I was picked to DJ the dance. It’s not like they gave me a playlist or anything. They just told me to bring in some tapes, and if I didn’t have enough I could borrow some from the cool rich kids that had the money to actually buy tapes. If I had only brought my own tapes, the whole gym would have had to listen to Casey Kasem in between all the songs, and they might accidentally get to hear me sing along to the greatest hits of John Denver. I recorded myself singing to the radio a lot in those days. I would do it now…but the radio’s crap.

This was a big responsibility. I didn’t know what to play. Duran Duran was real popular, I had “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” and “Arena.” But that would only get me so far. Luckily, there’s always one jerk who thinks he has the best music collection on the planet and luckily that jerk brought his tapes.

DJ-ing sounded pretty glamorous at the time, once I got over the initial fear of total embarrassment. Everyone in the whole dance would know I was there. They would have to listen to me. They could not escape my power! Now there was a reason that no one would dance with me. I was with Duran Duran, and we came not to dance – we came to rock this party!

Dreams, they die.

I was horrible. Plain and simple. Really bad. None of the tapes were cued up right (in my defense, I had to do it with a walkman while the stereo was blasting another song and I would constantly have to leave the gym in order to hear my headphones). And the DJ banter? Imagine if you will a fat 12 year old who always overcompensated around girls. Now imagine that he thinks he’s the center of attention of every girl in the school!

Really awful.

Stupid “secret” song dedications… “Are you ready for some…um…I’m going to play…um…It’s a fast song!...” They were all fast songs. I had some crushes and I couldn’t stand to see them slow dance with the boys that they really liked.

But my biggest embarrassment comes now. Now that I’m 30 instead of 13. Now that stupid “Blender Magazine” has released its insipid opinion on the worst rock song of all time. “We Built This City on Rock and Roll.”

In my entire horrific one night career as a DJ, long ago in the 7th grade back in 1986 or so, “We Built This City…” was the only song – that I ever played twice.

It was my opener and my closer.

Thank you Blender Freaking Magazine.

Go here to see what Lileks thinks of it.

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