Thursday, April 22, 2004

Saving the Planet One Machine at a Time

Went to the Gym this morning and saw the most annoying person that I have seen in a while.

Since they don't allow cameras at the gym, thank god, I took the liberty of drawing a picture of her for you.

Granted, I took some liberties, but she was a real pain in the ass.

It was pretty bad when she parked illegally in the lot (we had followed her in from the street), but when she threw her backpack on one of the cross-trainers and then left for five minutes while she went downstairs and stretched…I could’ve slapped her. I’m not a violent man, but I get tired of seeing people walk up to the machine looking all confused.

You can't save the machines lady!!! We all pay to much to work out there.

I definitely think she could have participated in that Iowa State riot. And I’m pretty sure she started the great Chicago fire.

Fun Fact: I signed up for Gmail today…yeah! I hope if they invade my privacy, they only invade the boring parts of it. Aw, who am I kidding…it’s all the boring part. Invade away Google, when you fall into a depressive coma you’ll have only yourselves to blame.

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