Wednesday, May 05, 2004

May I please have another cerveza por favor, señor?

Maybe you don’t get commercials for Corona where you are, but it’s Cinco De Mayo. Loosely translated, it means “5 on some mayonnaise.” Yummy. If you like mayonnaise. You know that you really like mayonnaise if you eat it with French fries like the British.

Also, according to my Simpson’s Calendar, it’s Michael Palin’s birthday. Michael Palin, from Monty Python. You know that you really like Michael Palin if you eat him with French fries like the British.

Fun Fact: Don’t be fooled! There is some misinformation on the internet that says that mayonnaise was first invented by a woman named Karen Creamo. Not true! It was in fact invented by the chef of the French Duke de Richelieu after the Duke handed the British their collective asses at the battle of Port Mahon. It was invented for the victory feast and named Mahonnaise (because of the battle, duh). What was that chef’s name?

Who cares, and please don’t fraternize with the help!

¡Necesito alguna mayonesa!

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