Friday, January 14, 2005

Even Joe Goebbels Liked To Par-Tay!

Well, maybe he didn’t. He was probably too busy spinning Hitler’s propaganda machine. But still, the dude must have had to pull out the good stuff every once in a while. Horrific mass-murder is a tough sell.

I bring this all up, of course, because of Prince Harry’s recent…well to say it was bad judgment would be an understatement. He would have been better off snorting coke off a newborn baby. At least then he would at least look like he liked kids or something.

But no, he had to show up at a costume party dressed like a Nazi. A Nazi decked in a desert uniform, as one news broadcast so helpfully pointed out.

I found that a bit odd actually. Why would it matter to anyone which damned Nazi uniform he was wearing? Most likely there was some WWII geek on the news staff trying to impress an intern. I hope it worked. Now we’ll all have a better chance to astonish while playing Trivial Pursuit’s “New Millennium Edition” in 20 years.

But now, Prince Harry is being urged to go to Auschwitz for the anniversary of the holocaust to gain a little sensitivity. His brother, Prince William is also being reprimanded by his daddy. Seems that HRH Charles is more than a little pissed that William, who was also at the party, didn’t warn Harry about wearing such an incendiary costume.

But siblings are siblings, right? Whether you’re just a couple of teens living in Pasco, Washington or you’re the insanely wealthy unnecessary remnants of an antiquated ruling class simply holding onto your status as a historical novelty, no sibling is going to pass up the chance to make their younger brother look like a moron in public.

I’m sure that William was giggling the whole way there.

“No, Harry, *hehehe* that costume makes you look…*hehehe*…very…cool.”

“You really think so, William?”

“Oh, yeah, *hehehe* cool like a desert fox…It’s a brilliant parody!”

“Aren’t parodies supposed to be funny though?”

“It’s going to be hysterical. Trust me.”

What a jerk William is. I’m sure it went down just like that.

But really, a Nazi uniform is never a good idea for a casual costume. It may seem like a good idea. And for all intents and purposes, a Nazi uniform is a good costume. I mean, it’s very easily recognizable. You’ll never have anyone stop you and ask “what are you supposed to be?” The horrible swastika on your arm is a dead giveaway. They’ll know what you are, for sure. You’ll be able to tell by the uncomfortable and revolted looks on their faces. Partly because they’re all wondering the same thing, where the hell did you get a Nazi uniform?!

No, I don’t that Prince Harry is a Nazi, or even a Nazi sympathizer. He’s just an idiot with no class and a disturbing disregard for the fact that there’s really no practical reason that he should be so damned rich and spoilt.

They need to elect a new prince.

Fun Fact: At the wedding of his former nanny, Prince Harry pretended to swallow a goldfish.

Man, that dude crazy!

Speaking of crazy, the new TAM Cartoon is up! Royally!

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