Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

We're going to party, karamu, fiesta, forever. Come on and sing along...like it’s 1999!

Why so much festivity? Because I’m celebrating a momentous anniversary here at The Anthropomorphic Male.

No, not the introduction of the new home DNA testing kit. Although now hypochondriacs everywhere will feel a bit more legitimized.

I’m talking about the 100th TAM Cartoon!

Isn’t that exciting?! I thought so. But now I’m stuck with a bit of a dilemma. The original plan for the TAM Cartoon was to stop after 100 strips. But I don’t know if I can do that now. Not that I’m in love with it or anything, it’s just that dropping it now would feel a little like quitting.

Although I don’t have too many qualms with quitting either. I’ve quit much better things than the TAM Cartoon. Albeit, most of the “great things” that I’ve quit have usually been before I really started them in the first place.

Maybe I’m anthropomorphizing too much? But I’d feel a little bad for the poor cartoon if I just dropped it like that. Where’s the loyalty, you know? So maybe I’ll just keep plugging away at it for a while. Maybe it’ll get really good someday, you never know. Stranger things have happened.

Anyway, enjoy the 100th TAM Cartoon, I built a celebration theme onto the strip for added effect. Sure, it may seem a little…forced, but hey, it’s my cartoon and I’ll force it if I want to! Why should this one be any different?

Why don’t you visit the TAM archives and relive the last 99 strips? Get the whole “arc” of the cartoon and all. It couldn’t kill you. Relive all your favorite moments; naked friday, the S.U.C.K.S, a never ending litany of maternity shirts, Lazies Anonymous, Mr. Gnomerton dressed as a pirate, Complicated Solutions to Simple Problems, the spirit of Ernie Fosselius, umm…TAM in tights…uh…Mr. G’s first trip to see Santa…umm…okay, I’m grasping at straws here. But you get the idea.

Everything’s better when bathed in nostalgia.

I hope.

Fun Fact: After a little research (digging through the TAM archives) I’ve learned that the opening “supersized” edition of the TAM Cartoon first appeared on February 28th 2004. The actual series itself started on March 2nd. That means that it’s been around for a little over a year.

It also means that it’s taken me an excruciatingly long time to draw 100 cartoon strips. I can now understand why Bill Watterson gave up after 10 years.

And in case you haven’t gotten enough fun facts about the TAM Cartoon, here is one more:

I’ve actually drawn and posted 104 strips.

And, the new TAM Cartoon is up. Obvioustastic!

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