Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good New, Bad News

Okay, here's the deal. I've gotten a job. That's good. It's going to take up
a lot of hours in the day and on the weekends and I have to drive to the
valley. That's bad.

The job is only temporary. For a lazy jerk like me, that's good. But I'll be
neglecting the blog for a little while. That's bad.

Tanya will be taking over for me every once in a while as a guest blogger.
That's good. I've never taught Tanya how to draw the TAM Cartoon so there
will be no new ones until the 28th. That's bad. (Don't forget to visit the
TAM Cartoon archives!)

For the next 10 or so days, the blog posts will be of a much higher quality,
I'm sure. That's good. But the new posts contain potassium benzoate. That's bad.

I just used an obscure reference from the Simpsons.

That's sad. Really.

So anyway, be good while I'm gone. Don't tear the place apart. Listen to
Tanya. She's in charge while I'm away. If there's an emergency or something,
contact the blogs linked to on the right. They can help you. I've told them
that you're all alone this week, so they know what to do. They have the
phone numbers and stuff.

Be good and remember to feed the dog.


Fun Fact: This is yet another in a long string of jobs that
have found me. Janitor, movie theatre concessionaire, housekeeper, janitor
(again), Starbucks, Mervyns, Netflix. I've had many more jobs of course,
but those are the really auspicious ones that have been handed to me.
That's the nice thing about having great friends and nothing but free time.
I'm never out of work for too long. This time I get to spend the next 10
days hanging out in a small room on the Universal lot.

It sounds a lot more interesting than it actually is. But hey, thats

At least that's what I tell people.

TAF note - I am already off to a bad start as a guest blogger. Sorry this is up so late, but that's what I get for posting from work.

On the plus side, I have a fabulous new SHORT haircut that takes 5 minutes to get ready.

I know that's only a good thing for me, but it's all I got right now.

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