Monday, March 14, 2005

Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking, Ticking

Into the future.

It’s true. So true in fact that it should be a “Fun Fact.” Also, so completely obvious to anyone other than theoretical physicists that I should have just not mentioned it at all. But if it’s good enough for Steve Miller, it’s good enough for me. You can call me a space cowboy. Or Maurice. Whatever floats your boat.

As you can probably already see, I’ve got stuff to do today and really nothing interesting to say. Not that I didn’t have a full weekend. Went to a bar. Went to IKEA. And went to three different stores to buy enough liquor to start my own 1920s era crime family.

But you don’t want to hear about that. I’m sure that you would much rather hear me make inane references to Steve Miller.

Steve Miller’s father was friends with jazz legends Les Paul and Charles Mingus. Which begs the question, “what the hell was ol’ Steve thinking when he wrote Abracadabra?!”

Goodbye Porkpie Hat.

Hey, there, I threw in an inane reference to Charles Mingus just for good measure. You can stop reading this now. You should have stopped 4 paragraphs ago.

Fun Fact: I also bought a martini shaker and martini glasses this weekend. With glasses, a shaker and lots of alcohol, what else was there to do but try my hand at making martinis?

I started out with an appletini for Tanya. I didn’t do too bad. A bit too much vermouth. I made myself a cosmopolitan. Because I’m all man. And it was fantastic.

These martinis were tiny. We purposefully bought small martini glasses because, for me, the fun of martinis is not drinking them, it’s making them.

But, and here’s the fun fact, I could mix a martini in a thimble and Tanya would still get drunk off the first one. But that didn’t stop me from mixing a couple really awful lemon drops.

And for the first time in a while, I wasn’t bothered by the next door neighbor's craptastic midnight band practice.

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