Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy as a Dung Beetle Following a Camel on a high Fiber Diet

About twelve years ago I loaned a CD to a college professor. I never got it back. I never really even asked for it back. I just assumed that I would be in college forever, I guess, and could ask for it at my leisure.

That was almost true. I did pursue four more years of higher education. It just was at another school.

Well, not so much pursue “pursue” as “follow leisurely at a comfortable distance.” In case my bachelor’s degree spotted me coming, I could make a hasty get-away and sign up for another entire semester comprised completely of elective courses.

Anyway, the CD was a great album, “The Best of the Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker.” A comprehensive compilation of truly iconic performances from the two “west coast” cool-jazzers.

It was one of my favorite albums. And yet, being cursed with extreme laziness (encompassing intermittent fits of extreme pennilessness), I never got around to replacing it.

Until now. Thanks to a charitable grant from the Tanya “will he stop bugging me about stupid Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker” Entertainment Endowment, I now have a replacement for my woefully missed CD.

Of course a grant from the Tanya Entertainment Endowment doesn’t come without a price. I promised that Gerry and Chet would help me get the creative juices flowing while I work on my latest screenplay. So you know what that means I have to do today…

I have to pretend to get some work done.

Thank you Tanya (and the T.E.E.), it’s every bit the cool-ass album I remember.

Fun Fact: Dung Beetles have the uncanny ability to fashion and roll balls of dung that weigh 50 times their own weight. Impressive! I sometimes wish I had that kind of strength. But then I think, “what in the hell would I do with a 9,100 pound ball of crap!?”

And the latest TAM Cartoon is up! It’s a slightly lighter ball of crap. Dung-a-licious!

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