Friday, April 29, 2005

Alright, Break it Up, Nothing to See Here…

Just the cartoon. I’ve got no post for today. What?! Why? Because I’m writing….No, sorry, I said that there’s going to be no post today and I meant it. I’m sorry, but that’s FINAL. Why? Because I’m the adult, that’s why.

I know, I know…life is unfair. You want “fair,” go to a carnival.

Just because other bloggers may be posting interesting things today doesn’t mean I have to. If Chez Sarcastica jumped off a bridge does that mean I’d have to…

What did you just say? I heard that! What did you say about me jumping off a bridge?! You better lose that tone.

You’re really cruising today. You’re not too old for me to take you over my knee you know. It’d be pretty embarrassing for you to be the oldest one at school who still gets spanked wouldn’t it?

Quit it. The latest TAM Cartoon is up, isn’t that enough?! Isn’t it "UP-tastic" or "TAM-ilicious" enough for you?!

I work and I slave to bring you that stupid cartoon and this is the thanks I get?!

Go to your room! And if I even smell the TV turn on, you’ll be in a world of hurt.

Don’t make me count to three…

Fun Fact: Fun Facts are for good kids.

You know, fact-starved children in Alabama would kill for a fun fact. Their facts are completely lackluster and dubious in their accuracy. And you don’t hear them complaining.

Did I really do that bad a job raising you?

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