Tuesday, April 12, 2005


But not the good, chocolate kind.

As you may or may not know, most of my blog topics come from the morning news. Now, that’s not because I’m all that interested in the inane details of the lives of strangers, it’s mostly because if I tried to blog about my everyday life, I’d have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Today will be no different. The problem is that every once in a while, nothing very interesting happens around the world. As it turns out, sometimes everybody else’s lives can be just as boring as mine. It’s a nice affirmation, but it’s bad blogging business.

But just because nothing big is going on right now (other than the war and the conflict over the West Bank and the Michael Jackson trial etc…) doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot of unimportant little things happening.

In fact, the Country Music Awards were last night. I didn’t watch them. I never watch them. I just don’t give a fat crap. Not that they’re not good people, but you’ll just as soon catch me watching the Source Awards as the CMAs.

When they were talking about the CMAs on the entertainment news this morning, something struck me. The CMAs and the Source Awards actually have a lot in common. Other than being awards shows that nobody wants to see. As they replayed footage of Gretchen Wilson winning a giant belt buckle, I realized one of the reasons why I’m a huge jazz fan.

Country music is fake. Trappings and pomp. Giant belt buckles? What ever happened to loving cups or those trophies with little bronze people standing on top? Can all country music be summed up with a giant belt buckle?

And why doesn’t the Source Awards give out handguns?

In other news: According to “experts,” 50 is the new 30. And 30 is the new 20. Which means that in August I’ll be turning 24. That will be nice. Now I can go back to college without being made fun of.

Speaking of college, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater undergrad student Johnny Lechner has been attending the school for 11 years. What a loser.

The cool kids only go for 8.

And finally: A recent study concluded that 75% of women say that they’re satisfied with their sex life. I don’t think that’s true. Someone’s lying.

I couldn’t possibly have slept with that many people.

Fun Fact: In another study, 3/4ths of all women were in the top 75th percentile.

And the latest TAM Cartoon is up! Statisilicious!

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