Monday, May 23, 2005

I Just Have One Question This Morning

If I love film noir. If I like comic books. If I like Robert Rodriguez. If I like half-naked chicks.

Why didn’t I like “Sin City” more?

Fun Fact: This has been a short post.

I’ve got some stuff to get done today. I’ve got a cartoon to draw and I have a callback to go to tonight.

Yes, I got called back for the play that I auditioned for this weekend. I auditioned for two actually. My other callback is on Wednesday. I’m just trying to figure out how to record LOST and American Idol.

My “career” has no respect for my TV watching schedule.

Also, they just played a song by trumpeter and vocalist Jack Sheldon on KKJZ. You should go out right this second and buy a Jack Sheldon album! He’s fantastic. And I know that you know who he is even if you don’t know that you do. He sang “I’m Just a Bill” on Schoolhouse Rock.

Hell, while you’re out purchasing that Jack Sheldon record, why not pick one up by the most innovative and distinctive talent in jazz, Bob Dorough. Also a Schoolhouse Rock Alum. The Musical director in fact.

What are you waiting for? Get to the record store! Tell the TAM sent you. They may look at you like you’ve got a chicken on your head, but tell them anyway. It’ll be fun.

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