Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day

I know it was officially yesterday, but The Anthropomorphic Male is sponsoring another Memorial Day…today!

Remember the thrill and exaltation you experienced last Friday when the new TAM Cartoon was posted? You remember that?

Good, hold on to that memory because there’s no new cartoon today. I took yesterday off. Sure, I know, I take everyday off. But yesterday I took…uh…more…off. I’m a lazy jerk.

In other news, I got the part I auditioned for. I’m playing Petruchio in an original Shakespeare spinner “The Shrew Variations.” I’m excited about that. Tanya got in it also. The fantastic monologue that I posted last week also netted me a primo, bitchin’ spot in the children’s theatre production.

I’m the “Farmer!”

I’ve always wanted to play a farmer and do fun farmer things. Like pretend to plow something or act like I let people spend the night after their cars break down only if they promise not to have sex with any of my three impossibly sexy and promiscuous daughters. You know…farmer stuff.

I hope my costume comes with a single stalk of wheat that I can clench firmly in my teeth.

No, really, I mean it. They won’t let me smoke cigarettes on stage. That wheat may be the only thing that keeps me from busting some irritating actor heads.

Fun Fact: I’m off to write some more music today. I’ve got a lot to get done before Thursday.

I lieu of a cartoon, here is an interesting cartoon fact: The phone number for the Jetsons is VENUS-1234.

They ask that you only call if it’s an emergency. Bookings should be done through their agent.

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