Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My Favorite Subject


I realize that I have been a little relaxed about my duties as a blogger. There could be people reading this that have no idea who I am (Hard to believe, isn't it?).

Here's a little informal information about me. If you know me already you can skip this next part. In fact, just stop reading now. It'll only bore you.

I am a famous Hollywood Screenwriter and Actor.

Look, I told you to stop reading...It's boring stuff and it's only for STRANGERS!

I am also a songwriter and a rock star.

Quiet, you.

I have the world's greatest girlfriend.

...Oh, where are you now?

Yes, it's true, I write screenplays. Actually, the screenplays write themselves, I am merely the vessel that the muse uses to reach it's audience. Right now, the muse is being very lazy. All it wants to do is watch Perry Mason and walk around the neighborhood smoking cigarettes.

Keep watching the blog to learn all kinds of new things about me. Man, blogs are doing for narcissism what Phil Donoghue did for exhibitionism!

Fun Fact: I am making a stew right now, and I suspect that it'll taste like potato water.

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