Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I mean…sick.

I’m not feeling well today so I will just tell you all that the latest TAM cartoon is up, and talk to you later.


Fun Fact: Here’s an anecdote from, yup, you guessed it, anecdotage.com. It’s a tribute to my illness’ most bothersome symptom. Plus, for all of you who love bebop jazz, like me, it also answers one of this incredible genre’s most asked questions. For those of you who don’t like bebop…who cares? It's not funny but...who cares?

During the Depression Dizzy Gillespie's specialty, the "snake hips," earned him much praise (and showers of coins) on local dance floors. Moreover, his love of dancing later earned him a nickname:

One day, while Dizzy was fooling around on the piano during a rehearsal, a trumpet player named Fats Palmer looked at his empty trumpet chair and said, "Where's that dizzy cat?" The band cracked up, and the name stuck.

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