Saturday, July 17, 2004

Saturday Morning Bored

So I woke up too early again this morning and I decided to do what I usually do when I wake up too early, I got on the internet.
It’s hard for me to pass the time on the internet. I never really know where to go. So I end up just searching for random things or people. Of course, like most people, my favorite thing to search for is me. Pretty sad really. Why don’t more people write about me on the internet?! I need more search results! It’s how I validate my existence! Please help me.
No, don’t. I need to quash my ego-search habit. Don’t encourage me.
But searching for this blog isn’t egotistical, right? Good, ‘cause that’s what I did. It’s a good thing too because I found a really interesting site. Some of you may have already heard about it, it’s called
BlogShares. It’s sort of like a fantasy stock market site. It’s pretty damned involved. Someone put a lot of time and energy into it.
It’s all based on links. The more links to a certain site, the more value that site has. (e.g. Blogger is rated the hottest stock, because everyone that has a blogger [Blog*Spot] page, i.e. everyone in North America, has a link to
You can trade stock with other players, etc…The Anthropomorphic Male’s estimated value is about B$1,331. That’s not bad. But James Lileks has a value of B$110,849.28!
So, if you find the stock market interesting (or Blogging) you should go and check it out. Here’s the
link again. And if you are reading this and have your own blog, link to me, I want to beat Fark.
Then I will rule the world!!
Fun Fact: We went to see i, Robot last night at FOX. You should go see it; it’s a pretty well put together film. I’m not just talking about the look of it. The script is actually well crafted, smart and economical. You’ll especially like it if you’re a fan of Asimov, sci-fi, Will Smith, FOX movies (*shudder*), or film noir mysteries (especially film noir mysteries).
I was nervous when I heard that the script was written before they attached Asimov’s i, Robot title. I was worried that they’d try to hard to be Asimov (not that I really know what that is, but you can always tell when movies are trying too hard). But now I realize that it’s just a detective story that really doesn’t need to have anything to do with Asimov. I highly recommend it.
If you go see it and don’t like it, don’t come crying to me! Just because it was worth my money, doesn’t mean it will be worth yours. Remember, I saw the movie for free.

Aslo: Blogger has changed its "post creator." That's why the blog looks different these days. I've been trying to find a font that I'm happy with, so I'll be testing a few out over the next couple posts. I hate change. Where's my old font!?

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