Monday, July 12, 2004

Movies Can Change the World

You better believe it buster. They’ve changed mine.

I hope everybody had a good weekend.

I mostly sat around. I did get a couple things done. Okay, one thing. I got one thing done. I started working on next year’s Christmas album.

I know what you’re saying, “it’s still only July!” Yeah, well, so what? I want to do a better job with the album this year, so I figured that I had better start early. It takes most “established” rock stars years sometimes to finish an album. I don’t have that kind of time (or money) and, granted, their albums are usually better... So, the way I see it, July is the perfect time to start. Besides, I still have to think up all the songs. And since I don’t just want a repeat of last year’s album, I better get going on this thing.

Enough about that.

I saw a few movies this weekend too. And I have to say that I learned a few things:

I saw Saved at Fox on Friday. Good movie. Good acting. And beside the obvious fact that born again Christians can be the most annoying things ever to inherit the earth, I learned that 17 year-olds are perfectly capable of raising babies. We just never gave them the chance before. Open your minds people!

I also saw Troy at Fox on Saturday. I enjoyed it. There wasn’t much of a movie there, but it did drive its point home. Its message was loud and clear: If you ever feel guilty about not reading classic literature, just wait for the movie. I’ve never read the Iliad (I did read the Odyssey) but I’m sure that the movie did the book justice and that Brad Pitt would have been Homer’s first choice for Achilles. However, that whole “heel” thing…can you say Deus Ex Machina? I’ve injured my Achilles tendon before…obviously I didn’t die….or did I…?

Tanya and I rented the “Special Edition” of Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life yesterday. I didn’t learn much there. But it did renew my faith in the humor of Monty Python.

I learned the most from a thought-provoking tour de force starring a brilliant little man named Ashton Kutcher. The Butterfly Effect. Through the audio commentary and behind the scenes featurettes, so generously provided by Infinifilm, I learned that a weirdo and a soundman can come together, and if they work hard enough for seven years, some up-and-coming ragamuffin will give them a break. But mostly I learned that a man’s life is what he makes of it. Our past controls our present and future. Our fate is in our hands…And, if we had the power to go back and change things, even the smallest deviation will alter the future of the world.

However, some things are written in the stars. No matter how much you change the past, in the future you will always be a bad actor, have the same haircut, and attend the same university.

Kinda’ makes you feel small, don’t it?

Fun Fact: If Ashton Kutcher and Tom Cruise had a baby – it would be a medical miracle.

Oh, and I just scared the hell out myself. I’m really getting old. I pushed “play” on my CD player, but for some reason, jumped ten feet in the air when music started coming out of it.


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