Friday, July 30, 2004

Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels

It’s time to say goodbye my friends.

Say goodbye to the past week, that is! It’s Friday! Yeah! If I didn’t work from home that would mean more to me. C’est la vie. That’s French.

Anyway, it’s been one heck of a week, hasn’t it? No, not really, but I’m desperately looking for something to write about. Let’s recapitulate, shall we?

The Democratic National Convention was this week, ending last night with Senator John Kerry’s nomination acceptance speech. I guess, it’s official, he’s the Democratic candidate. Just once I would like to see someone show up to one of these things and turn down the nomination. It would be fun.

But politics are annoying. Not necessarily because of the politicians, it’s mostly because of the people who talk about that politicians. How many times can we stomach these jokers who come on TV to rebut the other party candidate with the same stupid critique, ”It was just rhetoric?!”

Wow, a rhetorical politician?! What will they think of next?!

Okay, the DNC wasn’t the only thing that went on this last week. Catherine Zeta-Jones was in court this past week to confront the stalker who sent her horrifically threatening letters. This lady, the stalker-lady, Dawnette Knight, sent about a dozen letters to Ms. Jones (have you met Ms. Jones?) and to Cathy’s father in law Kirk Douglas, threatening to do things like “slice her up like meat on a bone and feed her to the dogs,” and kill her like “Sharon Tate was.” She even was able to describe details of the undisclosed places in which Catherine was staying. Evidentally, Dawnette was obsessed with Michael Douglas.

Now that she’s been arrested and is facing a 19 year prison sentence, Dawnette wants to put the whole mess behind her. No! Really?! Dawnette wants to forget about this entire thing?! Well there you go, Cathy. I think the gauntlet has been tossed to the ground, baby. I mean, if Dawnette’s big enough to just forget about all this and let bygones be bygones, then shouldn’t you? Let’s not be petty Ms Zeta-Jones. She said she was sorry! Come on! Man, I just get so sick of these selfish Hollywood types! And as far as Kirk Douglass is concerned, I mean, if he can endure a horrible crippling stroke, some nasty mail shouldn’t be that big a deal, right?

Dawnette just wants to get on with her life and fulfill her dream of becoming a child psychologist. And since her ultimate dream of slaughtering Catherine Zeta-Jones, feeding her to animals, bathing in her blood, and marrying Michael Douglas didn’t work out, shouldn’t we at least let her have this?

Let’s see, what else happened this week? Well, I wrote synopses for movies such as Rambo: First Blood Part II: Special Edition, Desperately Seeking Susan, the always crowd-pleasing Aa Ab Laut Chalen, and many, many more.

I finished the first personally commissioned song I ever wrote. That went well.

I went to the gym four times. Yeah me.

I watched a lot of television. Yeah me again.

That’s about it. Have a good weekend.

Fun Fact: This past week, I also baked my first blueberry pie. I’ve never really been a huge fan of blueberry pie, but with blueberries being so cheap lately, I decided to bake one.

I have to tell you, it turned out great. Delicious, in fact.

Now, it’s gone. But I have to say that the best thing about blueberry pie is the fact that it turns your teeth a cool novelty-like…well…blue.

If you’ve never had blue teeth, I highly recommend it. Go now and get blue teeth. Go!

Oh, and the new TAM cartoon is up!!


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