Friday, July 09, 2004

Nothing Funny About Friday

I’m not kidding. I have nothing funny to say. So, everything’s normal. You can be happy about that.

Here are some jokes I stole off the internet. They’re not funny either:

Where do one legged people work?


Yo mama is so poor, she had to get a part-time job painting skittles.

Yo mama's breath stink so bad when she burps, her teeth duck.

Yo mamma is so short you can see her feet in her driver’s license picture.

Fun Fact: In keeping with the unfunny theme of this post, I stole this from I post it in loving memory of my grandfather who was, inexplicably, a Victor Borge Fan. In fact, the most joy I ever drew from Victor Borge was making Tanya sit through one of his videos.

He he he, that was a good time.

Pianist [and “comedian”] Victor Borge was once asked why the keys on his piano were so yellow. Borge insisted that, notwithstanding the evidence, the piano was not very old. His explanation?

“The elephant,” he declared, “smoked too much.”

Oh, and the new TAM cartoon is up! I see a pattern developing here…

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