Friday, July 22, 2005

All Good Things

This is the last weekend for the “Shrew Variations.” The play that Tanya and I have been doing here in the park.

It’s been really great. The cast is, collectively, the best that I’ve worked with in a hell of a long time. Maybe ever. Considering that there are seven people in the cast. Usually (at least when your doing a show with a cast greater than three) there’s one person that just gets on your last nerve. Either they’re clueless or they’re a pain in the ass or they’re just plain lazy (I’m sure that I’ve been this person for someone else).

But this cast has been a real pleasure to work with. And so have the able, well-organized and fun director and the sweet, hard-working stage manager. It’ll be sad to see the play – and the people – go.

But not to fret, I’m sure that I’ll do another play sometime. With my track record so far, it should only be about a year before I get off my lazy ass and audition for something.

I don’t do too much theatre anymore, which is a shame. But it’s very difficult to find anything worth while down here in La-la. Plus, I’m trying to keep my batting average high. So far, I’m 5 for 5. 5 auditions, 5 parts. I’m like some kind of unmotivated super-hero.

But this show is the first one I’ve been in that we didn’t have to re-cast at least one of the parts. I was amazed. It’s just the perils of doing theatre in LA. Somebody will invariably decide that they’ve got better things to do after they’ve already accepted the role. Better things like a film or a paying acting gig or…well, getting drunk alone in their apartment while watching Taxi Driver for the 50th time, wondering why nobody else sees them as the next Robert De Niro when it’s so plainly obvious to dear old mommy. But you don’t really want those people in the cast anyway. They’re the type of LA actor who treats everything like an audition for something else. Their roles, their job, their casual conversations…

But enough of that. The actors of “The Shrew Variations” have restored my faith in LA actors. At least until next week.

If you’re in the LA area and would like tickets to “The Shrew Variations,” don’t write to anybody care of anything. You can’t buy tickets to the show. They’re free. Just head down to Carlson Park in Culver City on Saturday or Sunday at 2:00pm. This is the final weekend.

For an added bonus, come at noon and see the children’s theatre, also starring yours truly, but it’s damned hot so be aware that sitting in a park for 4 hours is not the most pleasant experience right now. So if you must prioritize, pick the Shakespeare, the other show will be running for a few more weeks, hopefully long after this heat wave is over. Bring lots of water!

It’s so freaking hot in fact, that if you do come to the show, and I start slurring my words (horribly, not in my usual manner) please call an ambulance; I’m probably having a stroke.

Fun Fact: The latest TAM Cartoon is…not up! Ha! Got you didn’t I? The ol’ switcheroo!

But don’t cry. It will be up later today. After I draw it. Tanya was home sick all day yesterday and I had another project to complete, so I didn’t get to the cartoon.

But keep your eyes open later this afternoon for the next installment of the fantastically unique and exciting TAM Cartoon! Don’t miss it!

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