Thursday, July 28, 2005

I am Punished with a Sore Distraction

Hamlet Act V, Scene II.

But I am indeed distracted. Distracted by thoughts of Christmas. I’m a freak for Christmas. I’m actually a freak for the holiday season in general. The autumn. The cold. The shorter days. The beginning of winter.

And the Today show isn’t helping. They’re doing this whole “Christmas in July” thing. And they keep playing Christmas music. It’s torturing me. Christmas music tortures most people. But most people aren’t tortured by the lack of it as I am. I can’t figure it out. Seriously, I’ll listen to it year-round. It’s freakish.

Why do I like Christmas so much?

1. I’m not Christian.

2. It always sabotages my weight-management plan. A plan that I work so hard on the rest of the year. Around Christmas, I always gain back the weight, without fail.

3. I don’t care about Christmas presents anymore. In fact, I never think of them until someone asks me what I want. And I hate being asked what I want for Christmas. Invariably it’s a scramble to find something – anything – that I could possibly even remotely want.

But I love Christmas anyway. Unconditionally. Illogically. Obsessively.

And it’s almost here. In two months. Because July is over, then we have August (my birth month) and September. My holiday season begins in October.

So, August…September…Halloween-Christmas. I can’t wait.

But I’m debating whether or not I’ll write any new Christmas music this year. Perhaps a shorter Christmas album than the previous two years? Five songs or so instead of the usual 10 or 11?

I don’t know, but I’ll have to figure it out soon, Christmas is coming!

As of this post, there are only 215,981 minutes until Christmas.

Keeping track? Go here.

Fun Fact: Speaking of a sore distraction… For those of you who doubt the structural integrity of IKEA furniture, let me tell you – it’s solid.

I accidentally kicked my entertainment center yesterday – hard. And I’m afraid that my pinkie/little/baby toe will never play the violin again.

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