Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Nagging Questions

As an internet cartoonist and general man-about-cyberspace, I’m inundated with tons of questions. People are constantly stopping me on the street and asking “where do you get the fantastic and always hilarious ideas for the TAM Cartoon?!”

I then must explain to them that I pull most of my brilliant ideas for the cartoon from my real life. Sure, I don’t have friends that I hate and it’s true that I’m not really the proprietor of a street-side “Irony Booth.” It can also be said that I didn’t get fined a thousand dollars for polluting the ocean and that I don’t pee in the bushes outside of my house. What’s more, I don’t get “time out” from the girlfriend and I don’t hang out with a bottle of bleach that I believe is a gnome.

But I do have a girlfriend. I am a bit slow in the brain. And when I was a baby, my mother was afraid that I would drink a bottle of bleach.

But sometimes people say to me “TAM,” they say to me, “what happens if you run out of ideas? What if your life is so completely devoid of any discernable activity that you have no new material?! What do you do then…huh?!”

The answer to your question is now sitting at the top of this page. I call it TAM 132.

Fun Fact: Yes indeedie, the latest TAM Cartoon is up! Weirdsational!

All joking aside, believe it or not, I actually drug my lazy ass out of bed one night to write the idea down for this one.

My god, I’m lame.

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