Monday, August 01, 2005

You Can Get There from Here

I’m talking about Ten West.

Not the I10 west, mind you. That’s trickier. You can get to the I10 west from my place, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to get to the I10 heading eastbound.

None of this is making any sense. Let me start over.

As you already know, I was just recently in a play here in LA (I still am in a play here in LA, but now it’s a different one). But what you may not know is that I was in that play with a guy named Jon. And what’s more, you may not have a clue that Jon is also in a sketch comedy troupe called “Ten West.”

I was lucky enough to catch Ten West’s latest show at the Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood last Friday. And I’ve got to tell you, it was fantastic. Really. I’m not just saying that because Jon is my friend. If I had hated it I would say something like…well, I wouldn’t say anything.

But I did like it so I’m saying something.

If you have a chance to catch the show, I strongly suggest that you go. I know, you’re thinking “but how the heck am I supposed to know when they have a show coming up?” The answer is simple, I’ve linked to their web site (and blog, which is brand new; look for the permanent links on the right of the page). So now you can keep yourselves up to speed with the doin’s of Ten West.

You may also be grumbling because you don’t live here in LA. Not to fear, if you live near Portland or Seattle, you’ll have your chance to see them very soon. Go.

The show is different. It’s not your average “Saturday Night Live”/”Mad TV”/penises and vaginas type sketch show. Two things separate them from those types of sketch comedy groups. They’re actually clever…and funny.

The show is a combination of sketches, clowning and “dumbshow.” It’s moody, quirky and more importantly…human. And it has something for the entire family, fake ventriloquism, Tom Waits music, lip-synching to the Perry Como and Betty Hutton version of “Bushel and a Peck,” pathos, fishing, the first “vatos” on the moon and more.

If you like sketch comedy but don’t trust my opinion, know that Bob Odenkirk was also there on Friday, and he seemed to enjoy it.

Hey, Jon’s birthday is tomorrow, so go and visit his site.

Fun Fact: I make a mean Cosmopolitan (if I do say so myself). Here is my recipe.

1 - 1 1/2oz Vodka
1oz Cranberry juice
1/2oz Triple Sec
Splash of grenadine (about a quarter ounce)

Shake well with ice
Garnish with a maraschino cherry

It’s a small cosmo, sure. And not too strong. But I’ve deduced that people who drink martinis these days (myself included) don’t drink to get drunk. If they did, they wouldn’t drink out of such an impractical and femmie glass. Besides, have you ever tried to drink out of a martini glass while drunk? Martini glasses weren’t made for drunken people.

Drunk people get drinks that come in regular glasses. Glasses without architectural embellishments. Glasses that don’t require acrobatics and almost circus-like dexterity to operate without spilling.

Drunk people get drinks with straws.

People who drink martinis just like to be seen drinking martinis. They like to have martinis made for them. They enjoy the rattle of the shaker.

And that goes triple for people who drink Cosmopolitans.


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